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Afternoon Picnic

I’m Meagan Corbin, and I’m the proud owner of

Afternoon Picnic, a one-stop home-based treat and charcuterie maker. I create anything from cakepops, cakesicles, chocolate-covered treats to stunningly pleasing charcuterie boards and cups. Afternoon Picnic has been such a creative outlet for me to present my love of food and fun to people around me. A big part of my business is using locally-sourced goodies, such as strawberries and jams from the farmers markets. Connections through a business are very important to me. I have connected with so many other people whether it be on social media or in the Ellijay community. I have made life-long friends in the short amount of time that I have been open. I am excited to see where Afternoon Picnic goes and how it will grow in our community.

You can find Afternoon Picnic on FACEBOOK


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