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Blue Ridge Life

Blue Ridge is well-known throughout the cabin rental world as a place to get away from it all, while maintaining plenty of options for things to do. It marks the spot where the Appalachian Trail begins so you know that hiking, biking, and trail exploring are a BIG draw for many visitors to the area. With amazing views into the Smokey Mountains, waterfalls, and rivers, Blue Ridge has something to offer everyone.

Many residents of Blue Ridge started out as visitors and ended up just falling in love with the area. The draw to get away from the big city becomes irresistible as we get older and many have found their retirement homes here.

Downtown Blue Ridge features a large Main Street area with plenty of restaurant options, wine tasting rooms, antique shops and storefronts. Whether you just want to stop in and grab a bite to go, or go and spend an afternoon surrounded my both locals and like-minded travelers, Blue Ridge's Main Street is a destination all it's own.

If shopping and tempting food offerings aren't your thing, the nature trails and scenic viewpoints are sure to bring you in. Practically anywhere in Blue Ridge offers views of the mountains and you aren't ever too far from a waterfall or rushing river system.

Those who have taken the leap to reside here either full time- or part time, love both the space, and the nearby friendly faces that small-town life brings. Things are slower in the Georgia Mountains, mostly because there is probably a deer or black bear crossing the road up ahead.

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