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Calling all business owners! We know you're out there...

Georgia Mountain life started as a series of Facebook Groups intended to connect everyone locally. We share tips, referrals, advice, types of venomous or non-venomous snakes, and most of all, we improve our lives in these communities.

Many of you have noticed that while there are a lot of business listings as well as 'things to do' for each local town...we simply could not feature every business. From bakeries to retail establishments, handy-men to home builders, and everything in between and outside...we just have too many entrepreneurs to name. While this is a big part of what makes America as a whole, and North Georgia so great, we never intended any business owner to feel left out or under-represented on our site.

The Facebook groups are where referrals are the most organic and personal, as well as never represented with preference by us, but we wanted to find a way to give you all an even louder voice! A chance to talk about your business, where you came from, what your passion is, and why you do it! So with that said, we are asking business owners to submit their stories to us. Every week we will feature a business (maybe even more depending on the response) and let you, the owner tell us why you exist and what you offer. Please email all business stories to and we will feature as many of you as we can! No business is too small but be sure and share any (business) websites or social media accounts too!

This is your chance to have a unique platform to tell our small towns all about yourself! We really look forward to learning more about everyone and their businesses!

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