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Rebecca Laurel Photography

My name is Rebecca and I run Rebecca Laurel Photography.

I started my photography business over 10 years ago as a way to document my children's lives in a beautiful way. I was never satisfied with cell phone images and knew there was something better out there, I just needed to save up and learn more. I taught myself how to pose, how to handle light, and how to capture families being real. I quickly expanded into weddings and never looked back. The business allowed me to be at home with my children during the day, and contribute to my household financially on evenings and weekends.

I love documenting the real moments between people, be it families or a wedding, a birth or a vacation trip. I travel all over the southeast and embrace new locations. The bigger the family group, the better, and I always suggest that you bring the dog.

This business isn't just a source of income to me. My end goal is to get beautiful images up on every wall in your home, and be something that creates a source of joy for you. I always suggest printing often, and printing LARGE.

Hope to see your through my lens soon!


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