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Rising Sun Yoga & Wellness Center

My name is Cindy and I own Rising Sun Yoga and Wellness Center.

My husband and I came to Ellijay for a weekend to look at a home as my husband had been scouting many cabins that were available at very reasonable prices. This was in the spring/summer of 2011. We closed on a home in August of 2011 and have never thought of living or moving anywhere else. We loved the small community without all the hustle and bustle.

Not long after being here, I started talking Yoga with Heather Huck, Wild Branches Studio. I wasn’t 100 % sold on it at first, Savanna was very difficult for me, but soon, my body learned to love it. Before realizing it, I was practicing everyday, different studios, all level classes and still felt I couldn’t get enough. After completing Instructor training and being asked to visit many different studios, I realized, most were the same. They offered mainly vinyasa style classes, all geared for the stereotypical image of a western yoga girl.

With my history of arthritis, I knew how to modify and adjust my practice, and realized not many studios offer this type of assistance, nor do they have the doors open to full figure women, making them feel comfortable and secure, or allowing and providing chairs as a tool and a prop. Yoga can be helpful to so many people but we do not make it accessible.

My first two classes were gentle beginner and chair class. I had 70 year olds come to beginner class. Chair class was mixed with people of knee issues, COPD, severe arthritis. They all started to feel better with yoga!!!

Our studio quickly grew and we needed more space so we moved over to our current location on Sailors Drive. We are proud to offer a wide array of classes at different levels and times:

Warm Gentle yoga (no advanced asanas)

Body Positive (welcoming and fun space for bigger bodies)

Chair Yoga (do not let the “chair fool you”) - most popular

Yoga Nidra (Meditation)

Beginner Basics (lets get started)

TaiChi (mind and body)

Yo-Chi (yoga stretch work with some Tai Chi)

Pilates-Yoga Fusion (Get the stretch and the Abs!)

Pure Pilates (All Core)

Restorative Yin (gentle flex and while relaxing the body and reduce stress)

...our newest is Yoga for Healthy Living (strength- flexibility and balance. )

Providing a healthy balance for all levels who come in. Come give our studio a try and you might just love your new self even more!


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