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The Social Suite

My name is Hayley and I have lived in Ellijay my entire life! I enjoy the “quiet” our little town has to offer, and the home we all share.

I have worked hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs and businesses all over the country for the past two years, and now that I have mastered my strategies, I want to focus on our local businesses. I strive to keep your business in the spotlight on social media, drive traffic, spread brand awareness, and build a family through your online community.

I own The Social Suite and work alongside my photographer Nina, to showcase Ellijay’s Local Businesses through the lens of their Social Media accounts. We completely manage your accounts, website, and can create any promotion products you need. We visit your business weekly or monthly to photograph and record, and truly get a feel of the vibe you want your online audience to receive. Since we are also a tourist town, 99% of your customers will be finding you on social media, which is why it so important to have a professional, magical, online presence!

We hope we can help each and every small business owner THRIVE! We hope to chat soon!

Phone- (989) 418-8156


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