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Why ' {insert city here} Life'

Many of you are part of our 'Ellijay Life' or 'Jasper Life' or 'Blue Ridge Life' groups on Facebook, but you may not know much about us beyond that. It's just another Facebook group of locals where we share stories, tips, events, and the occasional drama.

Well we are working hard to be a little more than that. Who is 'We?' 'We' is Adina and Awad Alfaituri mostly. They are the blood sweat and tears behind the events, the groups, the pages, the moderating, and organization. They have an amazing team of other moderators and helpers, but that's where all the hard work starts from.

As a realtor in the North Georgia area, Adina wanted to feel more connected and invested in the community that she serves. Does she have a vested interest? Sure. No advertising is bad advertising, right? But this group isn't about that for her or Awad. These groups and the events they host are about growing relationships with the people around us. Being more than a random Facebook profile that you just recognize.

Between Halloween in Harrison Park (which only began because the community was READY to get out and safely celebrate Halloween during COVID), the BBQ Festival in the summer, and always having a float in every local parade, these two invest their heart and soul into making these communities as awesome as they can.

So join a local group, hop into the conversation , share often, and maybe if you ever need to buy or sell a house, we know a girl!


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