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Ellijay Life

Ellijay, GA
photo credit: Joshua Chastain

Ellijay, Georgia. It's a small town nestled into the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It doesn't look like a lot. In fact, that's part of the draw of it. Ellijay is a town with a slower paced life, a shelter from the busy-ness of the big city life. Sure, you won't find a Whole Foods or a Super Target, but what you will find is one of America's friendliest towns full of smiling faces.

You'll find a downtown square that is fully loaded with antique shops and restaurants to enjoy a fun afternoon of shopping and lunching. The orchards and wineries will give you a great taste of nature and a breath of fresh air!

'Ellijay Life' was created to build networks between both small business, visitors, and residents. It exists as a Facebook group available for anyone to join and ask for referrals, ideas, opinions, and advice.

We hope you come and visit, explore and relax. Then we hope you plan to return again and again.

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