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Jasper Life

Jasper, Georgia is a small mountain town, the first you'll encounter on your drive into the mountains of North Georgia.

photo credit: James P O'Brien

The interstate begins to taper down from 6 lanes to 4, then 2, and before you know it, you're on a highway. You find yourself at a traffic light and you can relax, because you're getting away from it all. The mountains appear in the distance and the sunshine is calling you in.

Jasper is unique as it has a few more of the bigger city conveniences in town. You'll find multiple grocery store options, coffee shops, even a few different home improvement stores. The downtown square is a combination of restaurants, shops, and historical landmarks.

Once you get off the main stretch of highway, you'll find farms and wineries, resort neighborhoods and golf courses.

The Jasper Life Facebook group is a growing combination of business owners, residents, and visitors, with the intention of sharing ideas, events and connections. Whether you live in the area, or are just passing through, you'll find our groups to be helpful and informative. We hope you join in and enjoy the conversation as much as you do the town!

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